Flameproof Control Gears

i) Flameproof Push button On- Off, Only On / Off.

ii) Flameproof Push button Station With Indicator.

iii) Flameproof Push button Starter With On - Off & Reverse Button.

iv) Flameproof Rotary Switch Upto 32Amps.

v) Weatherproof Limit Switch

vi) Weatherproof SFU 250Amps.

vii) Weatherproof DOL Starter Upto 20Hp.

viii) Weatherproof Star - Delta Starter Upto 200Hp.

ix) Flameproof / Weatherproof Switch Socket Compressed Upto 63Amps.

x) Flameproof / Weatherproof Control Gear Suitable For Hpmw / Metal Halide Fitting.

xi) Flameproof Fire Alarm / Manual Call Point.

Xii) Flameproof/ Weatherproof Switch Socket Combined up to 63A / 215 V / 450 V